All documents, software, and resources can be found in our two organizational Github accounts.

The project is divided between two organizational accounts on Github:

  • phase4ground contains protocol implementations, design documents, and other repositories related either to the ground segment or that affect both the ground and space components.
  • phase4space has items which are specific to the space segment, such as the Phase 4 digital multiplexing transponder design and prototype.

Github sorts the most recently updated repositories to the top. Most repositories have a single lead contributor, and you can find out who that person is by clicking on the list of commits.

We’re working on setting up issue trackers for each of these components to help with onboarding of newcomers, but for now please reach out to the lead contributor.

Trello boards

Over-arching project tasks are added, managed, and closed out. These boards are managed by Michelle Thompson (see contacts below).


Most communication is carried out via the Ground-Station mailing list and Slack.

You can join our Slack by emailing Michelle Thompson (see contacts below).