Frequently Asked Questions

This page will help you find documents and information about Phase 4.

What is Phase 4? I thought I heard something about the Germans giving us a satellite, is that Phase 4?

Why can’t we just do another AO-10/13/40 style satellite?

When is the launch?

Expected answer is that the current best guess as of <date-you-are-writing-this> is that the launch will be <launch-date-year-quarter> but that this is likely/not-likely/certainly going to change.

When can I use the satellite? How long after launch will it be available to amateurs?

Why isn’t <my-favorite-band-that-I-already-have-radios-for> going to be used on this satellite?

Can I work this satellite with my HT?

How much is it going to cost me to get the right kind of radios to use this satellite? What kind of antennas do I need?

Can someone explain to me if this is going to have an analog or a digital transponder? Can I actually talk to people or will this be another beep-sat?

What is this ARAP thing?

ARAP stands for Amateur Radio Access Point

ARAP allows legacy radios to communicate through Phase 4 Ground radio networks. ARAPs are repeaters for Phase 4 Ground.

How far will I be able to work DX / what is the foot print going to be?

It’s geostationary/geosynchronous/geo-what? Really? Where is the satellite going to be in the sky when viewed from my house?

What do you mean that the footprint isn’t going to change from minute-to-minute like every other amateur satellite? How much do you think the footprint will move per day? per year?

How long will this satellite be alive / how long will it keep working?

Where are we at with this project? How far along is this project? Is it done yet?

What does the project need help with? What skills are needed? How can I help make this happen?

If Qatar or some other country launches a satellite will we be able to cross-link/connect the two satellite together to work further DX?

Will I be able to collect telemetry? How? What kind of telemetry will be sent down? What kind of equipment will I need so that I can collect telemetry?

Oh, you wanted answers too…