Phase 4 documentation is organized as follows:

Directory Description
Engineering Active drafting area for the design, code, test, build cycle.
Management Content related to reports and human resources. The weekly report transcripts are here along with any regulatory documents or reports from any organization that we work with that establish a relationship, expectations, or peformance as an organization.
Manufacturing Content that helps with any part of the manufacturing process. Component engineering may need to be moved here.
Papers, Articles, Presentations Technical papers, articles, and slide presentations that we’ve either found useful or have written or presented. If you use a presentation, paper, or article, please give credit to the author or team that wrote it.
Regulatory Classifications, opinions, and other export control-related information (including our EAR classification)
Remote Labs Documents pertaining to the remote labs operated by ORI in support of this project and related projects.
Specifications Assertions of requirements. Radios compliant with the air interface are expected to be able to interoperate without difficulty.
Tutorials Any material that we found useful for learning a required skill.
Visualizations Animations, logos, graphic arts, and other visual aids intended to be re-used across the project. The original sketches for the graphical QSL application (usersynchronous) are here. If there’s a visual effect or icon or graphic that could be used anywhere on the project, or a visual experiment, then this is the intended home.